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English Rose Treating Age Spots | English Rose

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Treating Age Spots

Treating Age Spots

One of the most common problems we see clients seeking help for, is Hyper-pigmentation, or over pigmented, darker areas of skin. These disrupt your skin tone and texture and many seek to cover these frustrating imperfections with foundations and concealers.

At The English Rose, we are lucky enough to have highly trained Therapists using some of the best ingredients 2015 has to offer and so here is a little more help coming your way;

Hyper-pigmentation can be caused by;

1. UV exposure.

2. Hormones.

3. Inflammation and trauma.

4. Acne.

They are commonly seen on the face, hands, neck and chest and by far the most common cause is over exposure to UV rays. Recent studies even indicate a correlation between pigmentation spots on the skin and contact with pollutants in the air.

Pigmentation is one the most difficult skin conditions to treat but we now have access to some of the most advanced skin technologies today so that we at last have some tools to treat this annoying skin discoloration.

However, prevention will always be better than cure so let’s look at way to firstly prevent pigmentation occurring OR from becoming worse;

  1. Avoid the sun! Tanning started as a fashionable trend in exactly the same way smoking was once thought glamorous but we now understand they are both deadly habits. Your skin records every time you get burnt or tanned and permanently damages DNA.
  2. Avoid skincare products that cause inflammation, especially if you have a darker skin tone.
  3. Ensure you use environmental protection everyday – 365 days per year. Every Dermatologist now agrees that this is THE most powerful ant-ageing ingredient on the market today.Epicuren Zinc Sunscreen
  4. Whilst moisturisers and foundations with added SPF’s are beneficial, using something like a Zinc based sunscreen, will lead to full coverage over every skin cell, from both pollutants and UV light.
  5. Use a powerful ant-oxidant underneath your sunscreen, especially when you are actively out in summer sun. This will help protect against DNA damage, which is permanent and irreversible!


So, how can we treat hyper-pigmentation?

Hormonal pigmentation can be the most difficult condition to treat  due to the depth of pigment that can begin in the Dermis but UV and traumatic pigmentation maybe more superficial and so will respond better to topical methods of treatment.

  1. Use high dose, cosmeceutical strength (minimum of 5% dilution) stabalised Vitamin C every day. Vitamin C is not only photo protective but is also a useful skin lightener and brightener.
  2. Look for specific skin lightening products that contain the ingredients ARBUTIN or KOJIC acid, that gently lighten the skin with no irritating side effects. Always abide by the guidelines when using these products or get a prescription from your Therapist.
  3. Gentle and controlled peels, under the supervision of an experienced Therapist can help breakdown and lighteEpicuren Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Complexn areas of pigmentation but results are slow and steady and must be supported at home with the appropriate homecare routine that may include ….

4. Retinol , a pure form of Vitamin A which is absorbed through the skin and is converted to Retinoic Acid. Retinoids stimulate cell turnover, inhibit melanin production, and boost collagen synthesis resulting in a more youthful appearance.

So, whilst a lot can be done to treat pigmentation, more can be done to prevent it.

Stay safe out there this summer and any help and advice you require we would be glad to chat to you any time .


01256 345605    info@englishrosesalon.co.uk


If you have a question or would like further information, call one of our Skincare experts on 01256 345605 or email info@englishrosesalon.co.uk

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