The first step to healthy, radiant skin begins with meticulous cleansing. Epicuren®’s cleansers are formulated to clean thoroughly, removing dirt and oil, while maintaining the moisture that is essential for soft, smooth, hydrated skin. Soap-free, our cleansers leave the skin clean and residue-free.

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Crystal Clear Eye Make-up Remover Suitable for all skin types. £25.50

A velvety, fragrance-free gel that easily removes eye makeup and nourishes the fragile skin around the eye area.

Milk Cleanser Recommended for Sensitive Skin. £18.50

Exceptionally mild, this fragrance-free cleanser was formulated especially for the most delicate skin.

Gelle Cleanser Recommended for Oily Skin. £18.50

An antibacterial, foaming cleanser that deep cleanses oily skin while inhibiting oil production.

Clarify Cleanser Recommended for Combination, Normal and Oily Skin. £30.00

A gentle, mildly exfoliating cleanser that purifies the pores, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Citrus Herbal Cleanser Recommended for Combination and Oily Skin. £28.00

An aromatic, sulfate-free foaming cleanser, great for dissolving excess oil.

Apricot Cream Cleanser Recommended for Dry and Normal Skin. £28.00

A gentle, non-foaming cleanser mild enough to use on the eye area. Rich oils make this a great makeup remover and help prevent the loss of moisture during the cleansing process.

Herbal Cleanser Suitable for all skin types. £36.00

A gentle, sulfate-free foaming cleanser that will not strip the skin.